In the Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive Program, some providers opt to allow a third party, such as a clinic administrator or meaningful use coordinator, to enter their attestation on their behalf. This might require that the provider assign administrative rights to his or her account to another person. To change or assign administrative rights to a provider’s TMHP account, mail or fax the following information on facility or company letterhead:

  • Ticket number (If given during a prior call)
  • Provider’s National Provider Identifier and/or Texas Provider Identification number
  • Provider name
  • Request to remove the current administrator
  • The user name of the provider’s TMHP.com account
  • Requester’s name
  • Requester’s title
  • Requester's signature
  • Requester's fax number

    Information can be faxed to: 512-514-4228 or mailed to: TMHP
    Attn: EDI Help Desk MC-B14
    P.O. Box 204270
    Austin, Texas 78720-4270

The provider administrator will be removed from the system by the Electronic Data Interchange clerk within 30 days of receipt of information by TMHP. It is important for providers who move to a new practice to change administrative rights so the new practice can access their account, if necessary.

Once the current provider administrator has been removed by the EDI clerk, the provider will need to add a new administrator. To do so, the provider must request a Personal Identifier Number to activate a new administrator on the account. To request a PIN, log in to “My Account” on TMHP.com and select “Administer a Provider Identifier.” If the provider has an Internal Control Number or Claim Number from the last three weeks with the provider’s name or NPI on it, they can enter the ICN number and request the PIN is sent via email. If the provider does not have a claim number or ICN from the last three weeks with their name or NPI on it, the provider must request the PIN to be sent via mail. Once the PIN has been received, the provider can return to the “My Account” log in section on TMHP.com, select “Administer a Provider Identifier,” enter the PIN and enter the new administrator name to complete the process.

For additional assistance, call 1 888-863-3638, or see the Website Security Provider Training Manual (PDF).