A provider attests individually to EHR Incentive/PI program requirements and measures. Providers access the program portal by logging into their Medicaid provider account at TMHP.com and navigating to the EHR Incentive/PI Program portal. Every provider must sign a legal statement acknowledging their understanding of, and compliance with, program requirements before submitting an attestation to receive an incentive payment. Providers can assign a third-party person, such as an office manager or other designated authority, to enter their attestation into the online portal. However, each individual provider is responsible for the data entered and for maintaining supporting documentation if the provider is audited.

Providers maintain their program registration information with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. During registration, providers identify a recipient (payee) for their incentive payment(s). Providers can assign payments to themselves or to a third party, such as their employer or clinic. The payee must always be an active Medicaid provider.

Each provider attests by entering data and uploading documentation to support their compliance with the Medicaid patient volume requirements, meaningful use requirements, and other program requirements.