Use the National Broadband Map to Determine Broadband Speed in Your Area

The National Broadband Map (NBM) is a searchable and interactive tool that allows users to view broadband availability across every neighborhood in the United States.

The NBM is particularly helpful for providers in the EHR Incentive Programs that need to determine their broadband download speed for exclusion criteria. Providers can use the NBM to search, analyze, and map broadband availability in their area to determine if these exclusions apply.

How to use the NBM for the EHR Incentive Programs

  1. Using the Summarize tool, select “County” as your geography, choose your corresponding state, and type in the name of your county. Then click the “Summarize” button.
  2. The summarize results page will display full details of broadband availability for your county.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled “Broadband Speed Test (Mbps)” and click the darker gold bar by the “Home” location for the median broadband speed for housing units in your area (must be below 3Mbps for EHR broadband exclusions to apply).
  4. Scroll back to the top of the results page to print or export the broadband data and save it for your records.

Note: Be sure you review the download speed, not the upload speed.

If you have any questions about how to use the data or to tell the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) how you are using it, send an email to and visit the NTIA website for more information.