Medicaid Enrollment Requirement for EHR Incentive Program

Texas Medicaid eligible professionals (EPs) must be enrolled as a performing or billing provider to participate in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program.

The Medicaid enrollment process can be lengthy and may take up to 60 days to complete. Providers who do not initiate the enrollment process early by completing and submitting the Texas Medicaid Provider Enrollment Application may not receive their Medicaid provider credentials in time to meet EHR program deadlines. EPs who plan to attest for Program Year (PY) 2015 and who are not yet enrolled in Medicaid, or need to make changes to existing Medicaid enrollment, should start the process immediately.

Starting in PY 2015, the EHR Incentive Program will no longer allow deadline extensions for providers who do not initiate a Texas Medicaid enrollment application by December 31 of the program year. Providers must submit an application for Medicaid enrollment or a revision/change to an existing enrollment by December 31 of each Program Year in order to ensure that program deadlines can be met. It is the provider's responsibility to meet all program deadlines.

For example, if an EP intends to attest to Program Year 2015 but does not initiate a Medicaid enrollment application by December 31, there is no guarantee the EP’s Medicaid credentials will be issued by the March 2016 EHR Incentive Program attestation deadline. If the provider’s Medicaid credentials are issued in time for the PY 2015 deadline, he will be allowed to attest. However, if the EP’s credentials are not issued by the March 2016 attestation deadline, he will not be granted an extension.

Additional Resources – Texas Medicaid EHR Incentive Program

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