Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (ePCS)

Using ePCS streamlines clinical workflows and provides critical security measures designed to help prescribers. Videos and digital tools below make it easy for you to learn what to do to get your practice up and running with ePCS. 

How can e-Prescribing Help?

Patient Compliance

E-prescribing builds a more complete computerized medication history that can help prescribers evaluate and focus on issues of patient compliance. Making prescription filling easier for patients may decrease unfilled prescriptions by removing the extra steps of the patient delivering the prescription and waiting for it to be filled. ePCS can also eliminate the added risk of handwritten controlled substance prescriptions being lost, stolen or altered.

Patient Safety

With the increasing volume of medications and the growing complexity of patients' medical needs, there is an increased risk of errors and adverse drug events. ePCS can improve patient safety and quality of care by eliminating illegible prescriptions, reducing oral miscommunications, the implementing of warning and alert systems at the point of prescribing, and giving the provider access to the patient's complete medication history.

Efficiency and Convenience

A study conducted for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores estimated that pharmacy staff made more than 150 million calls to physician practices annually to clarify prescriptions or discuss possible errors.  This means that physicians and their staff spend hours every day responding to these requests. Implementing ePCS can potentially reduce the time spent on pharmacy callbacks and faxing prescriptions to pharmacies. This can reduce the cost of prescribing for both physicians and pharmacies, by saving time and resources. ePCS may also reduce patient travel, wait time, frustration, formulary confusion and  increase patient convenience and satisfaction.

Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

Physicians are in a unique position to not only prescribe medications, but also identify abuse (or nonmedical use) of prescription drugs and prevent the escalation to addiction. ePCS digital monitoring can assist prescribers to notice rapid increases in the amount of medication needed, or frequent, unscheduled refill requests. ePCS can also help alert prescribers and pharmacists to "doctor shopping" where abusers move from provider to provider to obtain multiple prescriptions drugs.